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Fabland Profile

We are an Australian manufacturing business that has resources overseas so we can delivery any project irrespective of the size and scale.

About our Company

FabLand is manufacturing/fabrication business owned and operated by KegLand Distribution PTY LTD.

KegLand Distribution is a manufacturer of various products for the food and beverage industry.  Since KegLand Distribution begun it has been heavily involved in manufacturing and design of over 2,000 products which are supplied to distributors throughout Europe, Australia, America, Philippines, South America and many other parts of the world. 

The design of these products is primarily done in Australia – Melbourne(Noble Park Nort) where we employ several engineers of varying disciplines from injection mould design, to steel fabrication to stainless and brass casting, electrical engineering and software development.

For many of the mass produced items that KegLand designs and manufactures these are produced at our Shanghai manufacturing and consolidation warehouse where these products are generally shipped to our major distributors overseas.  With that said KegLand also has customers that require bespoke smaller production run products and for these products they are produced in our Melbourne(Noble Park North) factory where we can efficiently produce and fabricate products quickly and customised to our customers unique requirements.